ECAB Research

Recent research at the Marine and Renewable Energy Institute (MaREI) in University College Cork have led to increased knowledge in the design, construction and installation of revetments for coastal protection. This research was carried out under the supervision of Dr. Jimmy Murphy.

This research has allowed ECPS Ltd. to perfect the design and installation of ECAB blocks.

This video describes the ECAB Research and compares it to other type of armoured revetments.


ECAB Research investigated:

  • Stability, Unit size, Slope, Run up, Over topping, Reflection
  • Wave Sizes, Wave Periods
  • Comparisons between ECABs and other types of rock revetments

  • ECAB Model Scale Size used was 1:30
  • ECAB Models represented units of 1.5 tons and 2.25 tons

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    Cork County Council

    In 2017, Cork County Council, submitted the ECAB Revetment installation at Garrettstown, Kinsale, Co. Cork for the Engineers Ireland Excellence Award.

    Elly Bay and Tawin Point

    Gerry Egan B.E.C. Eng FIEI, inspected two ECAB Revetments installed at Elly Point, Mayo and Tawin Point, Galway. These were installed in the late 1990s

    Kilbegnet, Gorey, Co. Wexford

    Norman Kilroy was an instigator of installing a revetment on Kilbegnet, Gorey, Co. Wexford in 2017 to protect the local sand dunes which were coming under attack from rising tides.

    MaREI Institute, Cork

    RTE Investigates research into ECAB technology in the MaREI Institute, in University College, Cork